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I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. – Hsun-Tzu

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09 2022/09
ISA Liwan Facility

Top-level facilities for the growth of students are the hardware foundation of a century-old school and a future-oriented school. With an investment

09 2022/09
ISA Liwan Secondary School Faculty

22 years of experience teaching French and Spanish in high school, middle school, and university in France, Thailand, Mexico, Singapore and China (9 years).

06 2022/09
ISA Liwan Secondary School Faculty

Ms. Wang graduated from Beijing Normal University and was Obtained UCL school leadership training certificate.

09 2022/09
Happy Mid-autumn Festival and Teachers' Day

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the second largest and most traditional festival in China after the Spring Festival. On this day, people eat moon cakes to express their desire for a family

06 2022/09
迷彩军训,青春无悔 ——融合班军训纪

我知道,如何笑得像糖 出手像枪,如何跌得优雅又爬起来漂亮,把祖国放心中,脸上洒满阳光

26 2022/08
ISA Professional Learning Conference

With the new academic year ahead, our faculty team are in position ready for the new semester. We recently organized the third ISA Professional Learning Conference

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