ISA Liwan Cafeteria

ISA Liwan Cafeteria can accommodate 650 people. We serve a variety of Chinese food, Western food, vegetarian options, buffet, baking, refreshments, etc., as well as satisfying the venue needs of events and baking classes. We have:

  • Automatic order-settlement system
  • Automatic recycling system
  • Automatic dishwashers
  • Kitchen waste classification system

Sodexo is a Fortune 500 French catering company has an international reputation for world-class food safety, hygiene management, with professional dietitians who will review the weekly menu and issue nutritional analysis.

In addition to providing students with safe, healthy and delicious meals, ISA Liwan Cafeteria will provide nutrition lectures, DIY food classes, global food promotion, festival and season food promotion, catering etiquette courses, which are good for the students to establish a healthy diet habit and adapt to the food culture of various countries.